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Society's Child

cut your teeth, cut your mouth, cut it out.

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uhum. I'm Becca. Or Bekkanator. Or BangBANGBekka.
I'll use this journal for ranting about mee, my life and also alot of fandom related things aswell. >>;
I make icons and stuff too. So yeah those'll be posted in here.

Uhm. oo; Thats it. Go ahead and randomly friend me if you want but don't bother if your not even going to comment or make an attempt to contact me or whatever. >>;
adrien brody, alice, alice in wonderland, alucard, angel sanctuary, angels, anime, apples, arguments, axel demyx, battle royale, beau, candy, captain, captain englehorn, catboy nazis, cats, chicken fried rice, chocolate, chris, cid, cloud, d.n angel slash, death note, death note:the last name, desprate housewives, digimon, dir en grey, dn angel, doc, drawing, enzai, fashion, feathers, ff: ac, ff: advent children, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, finding neverland, food, foxes, gameboy advanced, getting letters, grammar, graphics, hellsing, howl, howls moving castle, hurting emo's, icons, integra, irony, james saunderland, jewels, jill valentine, johnny depp, kass, katamari, kfc, kiira, king kong, kingdom hearts, kira, klonoa, krad, l, leon kennedy, light, lollipops, major, major cain, making lists, manga, matsuda, mello, metal gear solid, mgya!, mikami, milla jovovich, misa, misamisa, music, my cellphone, my headphones, my ipod video, namikawa, national treasure, near, nintendo ds, oekaki, open canvas, org 13, otacon, paintchat, pencils, pet shop of horrors, peter, phoenix wright, photography, policegirl, potc, psp, psp 8, pyramid head, rating comms, rem, remu, resident evil, rip, rite-o, roleplaying, ryuk, satoshi, schrodinger, scrubs, sephiroth, shadows of memories, shortland street, silent hill, singing, slash, soccer, solid snake, soul calibur, square enix, square soft, tablets, teru, the devil wears prada, the gilmore girls, the pianist, thomas kretschmann, thomas kretschmann/adrien brody, veronica mars, vincent, wahoo!, walter, watari, wii, wiz, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yuffie, zack ward, zombiest